Certification Requirements

1.  Online Exam - An exam ensures that the knowledge transfer has occurred and that the student meets the minimum education requirements.  Because it does not have a time limit, and it open book,  this exam can only be taken ONCE per ($50)fee!

2.  Pay $50 Fee - This is the administrative fee to review all student documentation, provide feedback (from the uploaded video), and validate the student's certification in the public registry.

Application for Certification
What does the acronymn TCM stand for?
Name the Five Elements
What is the Ke cycle?
Match the correct correspondence in the Ke cycle
What element restrains Earth?
Without restraint an element would
The Sheng cycle is shaped like a
The Ke cycle is shaped like a
Which cycle is the nourishment cycle
Fire is recognized by
Metal is motivated by
Which element has a tendency to teach
A healthy individual
The Yin Yang best represents
Chinese is a

Your Application Has Been Submitted! 

Keep an eye on your Sifu Notebook for the next 24 hours. 

Status, communication, and formal feedback from the instructor

 will be posted there.

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