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  • Rotation of the ankles

  • Wide Stepping/Wide Stance

  • Facing in one direction and stepping in another


  What to expect

  • Balancing on one leg

  • Fully extending one leg

This is an online follow-along Tai Chi Form video set of 9 Videos, that will take you through at normal speed and slow speed.  you can learn the details of each movements as well as the overall pace and flow by mirroring the video as displayed. This is a popular form for beginners as it encapsulates the major movements of Yang style Tai Chi.

Learn Tai Chi Form 8

Med Difficulty

~4 Minutes


  • Coordinated rotation at the waist

  • Stepping/Walking

  • Meditation Cycles

~15 Minutes

LOW Difficulty

Tai Chi For Anxiety

Anxiety has been a common theme in the lives of most of western society.  The symptoms vary from person to person.  This set gives some personal coaching, a Tai Chi set to follow, and overall context as to how Tai Chi can reduce symptoms of anxiety.  Take action against what is is becoming a general theme in this day and age.  


  What to expect

  • Standing still

  • Unlimited Spiral Movement

Own this set 

one time payment


Available June 1, 2019

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