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Just Enough

"A smart person will do all that they love...a genius will do just enough" - Sadhguru

Balance is the core principle of eastern philosophy. This is a hard sell for those born into western cultures, who have been trained to achieve "more", "faster", and "better" as a rule of interaction.

Believe it or not, that formula has a hidden tradeoff. There is a cost and a second/third order of consequence. Yes, too much of a good thing will eventually catch up with you and equalize with a bad. Too much of a bad thing will swallow you up and desensitize you to all that is good.

The next time you find the urge to splurge, the ambition to dominate, or the greed to achieve....remember the scientific relationship of form (yin) with function (yang) ☯. Leave some energy in your tank for the unknown unknowns, leave some air in your lungs for moments of rest, release the laser focus of your vision so you can have a peripheral view.

Find out how much is just enough, and you will train yourself to have the capacity to enjoy happiness, when it visits you.

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1 commentaire

Carlos Lopez Roca
Carlos Lopez Roca
11 janv. 2021

The Just Enough could complement the Just in Time and Ok western expressions in a different way and perspective.

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