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The Family Inside You

Family is one of those things you are born into. You don't get to choose your family, it's just kind of what you are given...and your family is different than mine. In an ideal scenario, members of the family support each other, live together, and have relationships with each other.

While it sounds like I'm talking about mom, dad, and siblings, I'm using family as a metaphor for the organs in your body. Your heart, liver, kidneys, lungs, etc., they are the proverbial members the family living with you.

When your family gets along, the world can feel balanced, at peace, and life is wonderful. When there is disruption, chaos, or when one member of the family isn't cooperating with the is hard and difficult for everyone. Funny the way it is....that during times of difficulty members bind together to support and supplement any issues that one member might be having... to keep the community protected.

A good family needs care. If yours is doing great, then do all you can to keep them great. If there are members that are struggling, then do what needs to be done, to provide relief to the community protecting you. Your body is the only thing you are guaranteed to have until the day that you die. If you want to live long...don't neglect your family.

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Carlos Lopez Roca
Carlos Lopez Roca
11 de jan. de 2021

The concept and meaning of family has extended to a person in need or friends. The traditional core family subscribes: father and mother, children and siblings. But beyond that, friendship and care. A new definition of family would be the one who look for others no matter who they are or where they come from.

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